Circular Economy Symposium (CES)

Our global economy has since long relied on a ‘linear fashion economic model’ - based on assumptions that there are large unlimited supplies, easily accessible raw material and energy sources. Disposal is usually the end step while creating a product which has caused a severe global sustainability challenge. There is a growing need for material, water and energy because of both population growth and increased demand determining that an alternative economic model was needed to reduce waste, reuse precious and limited resources and shift towards renewables. No longer could the focus be on meeting the needs of the present at the expense of future generations.

Our approach going forward will have following as value addition:

Introduction of Indian Circular Economy Awards (ICEA)

To recognize the effort put in the Circular Economy space by industry and individuals that have made notable contributions and brought in a change through their innovation and strategy.


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To organise a masterclass/workshop to help industry unlock the Circular Economy value in their business and to equip them with a practical tool kit to actively identify and pursue Circular Economy opportunities.

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CES 2020

The only gathering of Circular Economy Crusaders would focus on further strengthening the business case for CE through industry dialogues, B2B and a consortium of Industries on CE.


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Past Sponsors & Partners

Tata Steel Department of Science and Technology Accenture Indian Oil Team Sweden EESL EU Mahindra Rise